When you have a work injury from a sudden accident, you may be able to recover compensation for it. Workers who sustain injuries due to occupational duties may receive a benefit amount that can go towards the cost of their expenses. The workers’ compensation system is meant to help both workers and employers in the event of a serious workplace incident that results in injuries. This system can be difficult to understand, so having a lawyer can make the situation much easier to navigate. As a lawyer can explain, there are steps you must take to file a claim correctly. Be sure to follow the steps below if you intend to file a workers incident report to your employer. 

Seek Medical Treatment 

Immediately after the accident, be sure to obtain medical treatment for your injury, regardless of how minor it is. Having a doctor or other medical professional evaluate you and file a formal report is crucial. You will need to submit evidence that you have sustained an injury. If you do not provide acceptable documentation, the insurance company will claim that you do not need to receive compensation, or you may be awarded a lower amount than what you are entitled to.

File the Report 

You must file an incident report and submit it to your employer. Your supervisor must be aware of the accident. Note important details such as where the accident occurred, what time it took place, the actions you took before and after the accident, and the injuries that you sustained. You should also mention if anyone was in the area who witnessed the accident. As a workers injury lawyer like one at Therman Law Offices, LTD can tell you, you must submit the report. Otherwise, you may not be able to qualify for compensation. 

Gather Evidence 

Collect as much evidence as you can of the accident. This includes photographs of your injuries and the accident site, eyewitness accounts, and any video footage available. Keep all the evidence you collect no matter how big or small, or how relevant you believe it is. A lawyer will evaluate all pieces of evidence and tell you which is the most persuasive for your case. 

Update Your Employer 

Make sure you follow up with your employer about any changes to your medical condition. Periodically report details that you are obligated to provide related to the accident. For more information, request an appointment to meet with a seasoned lawyer immediately.