Of the millions of medical procedures performed and healthcare instructions issued every day, the majority are properly handled. Sadly, there are still cases where the responsibility of patient care is treated with negligence. The results can be devastating, and suing for medical malpractice is often the appropriate path forward. Here’s a quick look at some common medical errors that are worth litigation.

Medical Misdiagnosis

We rely upon doctors to tell us when treatment is necessary. Physicians who don’t spend enough time examining test results are prone to missing serious conditions. The effects can be severe. For instance, the longer it is before cancerous cells are removed, the larger they’ll grow. Similarly, misreading lab data can bring about a misdiagnosis. Treating the wrong ailment can be highly problematic. Doctors must be held accountable for errors of this nature.

Incorrect Prescriptions

Medicine can be a powerful tool when it comes to bettering our health. Likewise, taking the wrong drug, or even the right drug in the wrong amount, is sometimes catastrophic. Doctors need to pay particular attention to the instructions they send pharmacists. Medical professionals are notorious for their sloppy handwriting, increasing the odds that their wishes will be misunderstood. As a medical malpractice lawyer victims trust from Hayhurst Law PLLC can attest, the potential seriousness of these mistakes makes suing a reasonable decision.

Surgical Mistakes

There is always the risk of something going wrong when a patient undergoes an invasive procedure. However, there is also the expectation that the doctor is approaching operations with seriousness and professionalism. Errors can happen due to a lack of attention or general incompetence. Examples of wrongdoing include:

  • Working on the wrong body part
  • Leaving a foreign object inside the body
  • Conducting the wrong operation
  • Nicking arteries or organs

Whatever the case, being injured while at the mercy of a surgeon deserves compensation.

Childbirth Injuries

Infants are extremely vulnerable when they’re coming into the world. The professionals who work with the mother must do so with the utmost care. Twisting the child during labor or failing to perform a necessary cesarean could be tragic. Not adhering to reasonable expectations may result in birth injuries that last a lifetime, such as brain damage and paralysis. Scenarios that are this impactful clearly rise to the level of litigation.

Lawsuits over medical malpractice are nothing to take lightly. However, justice demands that wrongdoing on the part of healthcare workers be righted. Hire an attorney knowledgeable about this branch of the law, like a lawyer from Hayhurst Law PLLC, to present your case before a judge.