When you’re injured in an accident, you might file a claim against the responsible party so you can get your medical bills paid. Sometimes a claim can take months or years to settle, and you might be looking for another way to get your bills paid in the meantime. If you use personal health insurance, do you still have a claim?

Health Insurance Coverage

When you need healthcare, there are often various options through your personal health insurance policy to help you cover the costs. Some insurers require you see a specific provider. Others might only allow a certain number of visits with a certain medical professional. In any case, you can often get some of the costs of healthcare covered, regardless of the cause of your injuries or illness.

When it comes to injuries sustained in an accident, you can typically still get your costs covered, but the health insurer will place a lien on your settlement. You need to let your health insurance company know your medical care is the result of injuries sustained in an accident so they can take the appropriate measures to receive compensation.

Filing Your Claim

Although you used your health insurance coverage for your medical bills, you can still file a claim for personal injury. Working with your lawyer, you can write up the paperwork required to get it done. You and your lawyer will work to collect the proper evidence so you can prove your case and show why you’re asking for the amount you are. When the paperwork is done, you’ll need to take it to the courthouse to file it. This is often a job done by the lawyer.

Other Liens

There are others who could place a lien on your personal injury settlement as well. If your medical provider chose to provide service without requiring payment because he or she knew about your settlement, that provider could have a lien on it. If you used any type of government benefits, those entities could also have a lien on your settlement. This includes programs such as Medicaid, VA and Medicare. If you happen to be behind on child support, there’s a chance the state would have a lien on your case as well.

Contacting a Lawyer for More Understanding

When you’re involved in an accident that results in injury, it’s often a good idea to contact your lawyer right away. He or she can help you understand more about health insurance, liens and how they work together. Contact an abogado de lesiones personales in Canoga Park, CA, like from Unidos Legales, today.