Pressure cookers are convenient little appliances, making mealtime less of a hassle and more of an enjoyment. Unfortunately, they don’t come without risks. Some models have been overheating, and others that work well explode because of misuse. Whether you had a defective product or weren’t clear on the instructions, a pressure cooker can cause serious injuries. When you’re in this situation, the following are some actions you should take.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Most of the injuries from pressure cookers are going to include some type of burn. Pressure cookers get extremely hot, and even just being splashed with the liquid will cause a burn. Exploding pressure cookers could cause other injuries as well. As you can see, these are serious and should be treated immediately. Cleanup and insurance claims can be handled at a later time, but your health is important. After receiving medical care, hang on to all your bills and other documents so you have them when you are ready to file a claim or a lawsuit.

Contact Your Health Insurer

Although you might file a lawsuit against the pressure cooker manufacturer or another entity associated with it, you’ll need help in the meantime, paying for medical bills to take care of your injuries. Your personal health insurance is often the best option you have for this, but they will want compensation after you receive your settlement. Most health insurers will place a lien on your settlement so they will receive repayment before anything else.

Take Pictures

You should take pictures of your pressure cooker and your injuries. This is one way the insurance adjuster can piece together what happened, and it can also help your attorney put together a case. You could also send the pictures to the pressure cooker manufacturer so they know what is going on with their product.

Get In Touch With an Attorney

Nobody should have to suffer the effects of an injury on their own. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to make a case for compensation. If insurance companies are treating you unfairly, the attorney can guide you in what to do. If evidence needs to be collected, your attorney can assist in getting that done as well. There’s also the possibility there are other individuals suffering in similar situations, and your attorney can work together with theirs in a lawsuit against the pressure cooker company.