If your loved one received a brain injury at work, you may be initially inclined to file a lawsuit against the employer. In many cases, the injured person has received workers’ compensation benefits, and in so doing, has forfeited the opportunity to file any lawsuit against the employer. The good news is there may be some ways you can still seek compensation. The following are just a few ideas.

Suing a Third-Party Manufacturer

There are some situations in which you can sue a third-party machine or parts manufacturer if your loved one was injured on the job. For example, your brother may have fallen from a crane while doing his job. While you can’t sue the employer, you could sue the crane manufacturer if it was faulty, and thus resulted in his injury. Another example might include someone who drives a delivery truck and gets in an accident. If he or she can prove the car malfunctioned in some way, the car manufacturer may be liable for the brain injury.

Suing a Service Provider

If the business your loved one is in includes service providers, there could be a possibility of suing one of those entities. For example, if the employer hires a janitorial service, and the cleaners failed to put out a “wet floor” sign, your loved one could have slipped and hit his or her head on the floor. The resulting brain injury could be the responsibility of the janitorial service company. Another example may include a delivery that was set in an inconvenient location, which resulted in your loved one tripping and falling over the goods. The resulting brain injury could be the deliverer’s responsibility.

Suing a Driver

If your loved one goes out on the road and his or her brain injury was the result of a car accident, you may be able to sue the driver who caused the accident. Another example might include if your loved one was a road maintenance worker or crossing guard and was hit by a car. You could sue the driver who hit your loved one.

Finding More Avenues

Sometimes the best way to find out where you can seek compensation is by contacting a brain injury lawyer. Because they deal with your same type of situation all the time, brain injury attorneys may have some ideas and resources for you to search for some different avenues for compensation. Contact a brain injury lawyer today to get started with your lawsuit.