Personal Injury Lawyer

More than likely, after you experience an accident or sustain an injury that is the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be approached by a representative of the defendant’s insurance company. While these individuals may sound empathetic, respectful and like they actually want to help relieve some of your burdens, you would be wise to seek counsel before speaking with them. Insurance adjusters have motivations that go beyond goodwill, and it is often necessary to protect yourself against their ulterior motives.

Financial Motivation

While a sympathetic ear can be helpful after an accident, know that an insurance adjuster is not the person to vent to. These individuals often have a financial motivation to negotiate a small settlement with victims. Also, these settlement offers sometimes come in before the injured party has even been adequately assessed for their injuries. Therefore, while tempting to take any money that is offered, it is wiser to seek assistance from a personal injury attorney before accepting or negotiating any form of settlement with the insurer.

Liability Concerns

A common and significant concern for insurance companies is the issue of liability. If you have sustained severe injuries at the hands of their policyholder, then they can be at risk for financial losses well over six figures. Therefore, they will attempt to persuade you into an early settlement, or they will try to find any reason to eliminate their liability concerns, including using sneaky tactics to catch you off guard, often taking your words out of context.

Sneaky Tactics

Many insurance adjusters will attempt to record their interviews with you, seeking your permission to do so and acting nonchalant about it. However, they have an ulterior motive when recording your sessions. Primarily, they are trying to catch anything that will lessen or remove liability. Therefore, they may ask compound and probing questions to confuse you. You do not have to consent to recorded meetings. If they want to record their conversation or have you sign anything, then you should have an attorney present to protect your interests.

If you are currently dealing with an injury, beware of the tactics and motivations of the insurance company. While it may seem underhanded, everyone has their job to do. It is your job to make sure that you protect yourself and your interests. Do not allow shady tactics and early offers to trick you. Contact a local personal injury attorney, and discuss your options. Also, find out from them when and how you are required to respond to an insurance adjuster.