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Criminal charges for the illegal possession of scheduled drugs carry serious penalties—contact our drug possession lawyer immediately for legal guidance you can count on. Should you be convicted for illegal drug possession because you did not hire an experienced lawyer, you may be paying for that decision for the rest of your life. A criminal record can haunt you indefinitely when applying for jobs, seeking housing, applying to schools, even when dating. Our drug possession lawyer can help you avoid this scenario.

Scheduled Drugs

The U.S. federal government regulates the possession, purchase, and sale of certain types of drugs. When a law enforcement agency or agent determines that an individual is in violation of one or more of these laws, they may file charges against them. Depending on the classification of the offense, the penalties upon conviction may be harsh and unforgiving. If you have been charged with illegal possession of a scheduled drug, it’s vital that you get an experienced lawyer who understands the criminal justice system. With a seasoned drug possession lawyer by your side, you have a much better chance of getting your charges dropped or reduced. Most people are not eligible for free legal services from a public defender, but the average public defender is not equipped to provide the same level of legal representation as a drug possession lawyer from a private firm.

The Classification System for Scheduled Drugs

As new legislation comes onto the books, the classification system for drugs is subject to change. Additionally, federal regulation of drugs does not always reflect the State’s views. One example of this is the use, possession, purchase, and distribution of certain quantities of marijuana.

In general, a scheduled drug is one that the federal government considers risky for users who may become addicted to the drug. A drug may also receive a scheduled classification based on whether or not it is considered medically relevant.

There are five levels within the federal drug classification system:

  1.       Schedule 1: Drugs that are the most addictive or likely to being abused. These types of drugs are not recognized as having any medical value. Examples are heroin, LSD.
  2.       Schedule 2: Drugs such as cocaine, PCP, methamphetamine, morphine.
  3.       Schedule 3: Talk to our drug possession lawyer if your criminal charge falls under this classification.
  4.       Schedule 4: Talk to our drug possession lawyer if your criminal charge falls under this classification.
  5.       Schedule 5: Drugs that are the least addictive or likely to being abused.

If you would like to discuss your drug possession with a seasoned lawyer, call a law firm today to schedule a confidential case review.

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