Pedestrians are more likely to get severely injured or pass away as they travel on foot, compared to those riding in a vehicle. As an attorney is aware, the reason that pedestrian accidents usually occur is because drivers are being reckless on the road. A driver who runs a red light, fails to slow for a yield, speeds, or otherwise violates a rule of the road, can put pedestrians in great danger.

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Common Injuries for Pedestrian Accident Victims

Pedestrians who survive being struck by a vehicle tend to suffer from catastrophic injuries that require emergency medical attention. Victims of pedestrian accidents may find their entire world has flipped upside down. It isn’t uncommon for victims to have both physical and mental injuries due to the accident. It can be traumatizing to get hit by a car, and victims may need therapy as a component of their recovery.

An attorney can help victims seek compensation so they can get the treatment they need to recover. Common injuries for pedestrian accident victims include: 

  • Head Injury: due to the impact, the head may hit against the vehicle or the ground upon falling back down. Victims may suffer from brain inflammation, brain bleeding, skull fractures, concussions, and more. 
  • Upper Extremity Injury: if the pedestrian saw the car coming in the seconds before impact, they may have reached their arms out forward to brace themselves, causing fractures, thorax injuries, or dislocations.
  • Lower Extremity Injury: the front of the vehicle may strike pedestrians at their legs, knees, and hips, resulting in contusions, muscle damage, ligament damage, pelvic injuries, and broken bones. 
  • Internal Injury: devastatingly, if the pedestrian gets run over by the vehicle, there is a high chance that internal damage was caused and death may result. The organs may shut down, or the lungs may collapse. 

Why Pedestrians are Vulnerable

Sometimes, getting around on two feet is faster depending on how dense of a population there is in the city you live in. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t risks that pedestrians may face. One of the main reasons that pedestrians are so vulnerable is because there is no external shield to deflect impact if a crash where to happen. Pedestrians will always be the weaker party in an accident, no matter how strong they are, because the human body will absorb all of the force from the impact. 

Pedestrian accidents can end tragically. Those who do survive may need financial compensation for their medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. Please contact a law firm to speak with an attorney immediately.