Medical Bills in Accident Cases

After being in a car accident, there’s a lot you have to take care of. You might have injuries that need immediate attention, a car that needs repairing, and some way to pay for regular life while you’re out of work recovering from your injuries. You might get to the point where you just stop and wonder how you’re going to pay for everything. The good news is you can often receive assistance from your car insurance or the other driver’s car insurance. What if you’re at fault? There are still some ways to get those medical bills paid!

Auto Insurance

If you think you’re partially at fault for the accident, the facts may speak to an entirely different situation. For example, say you were driving through an intersection and got distracted by a song you didn’t like on the radio. As you looked down for a second to switch the station, you were broadsided by another car. You might initially think it was your fault, but upon further inspection, you could realize the other car ran a red light.

This is why you should never admit fault. Whether you are or aren’t at fault, the responding police officer is going to put your words into his or her report. The insurance company will take everything you admit to and use it against you. Don’t admit fault, and maybe an accident you thought was your fault could still end up being covered by the other driver’s auto insurance.

Private Health Insurance

If the officer’s report and the insurance adjuster do determine you were partially at fault for the accident, your car insurance may only pay for the injuries of the other parties. That leaves you with a few options for getting your own medical bills paid. One option is using your private health insurance coverage. Whether you receive it through your job or own it independently, it’s a great resource for individuals who are at fault for an accident.

Workers’ Compensation

If your accident took place during the course of your employment, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. You’ll have to have proof that you were performing work duties. If you were on your lunch break in your personal vehicle at the time of your accident, you may not qualify. If you can show your boss asked you to run a work-related errand during your lunch break, you could qualify. An attorney can help you determine whether you have a case.

Contacting an Attorney Today

Dealing with car accident injuries is hard enough to handle. To learn more about how to get your medical bills paid following an accident you either know or are guessing was your fault, contact a car accident attorney, today.