The night was perfect, the stars were shining bright, and you were jamming out to some of your favorite songs after dropping your friends off at their house. As you are headed home, a car next to you begins moving back and forth in an erratic pattern. Before you could move your vehicle far enough away to protect yourself, the other car crashed into the front side of your automobile. You pulled your car off to the side of the road with the other vehicle, and you heard the driver exit his car with the comment, “Oops!” as he drunkenly sits on the ground. What should you do next?

Check for Injuries

As you stretch in the vehicle before you exit, check yourself for obvious contusions, lacerations, or broken bones. If you have a serious injury, stay in the car. Get out of the vehicle only if you are uninjured or feel like you have minor injuries.

Call the Police

Notify the police dispatch operator at 911 immediately after the accident. Give as much information as the dispatcher requests and remember to state that you believe the other driver is drunk, due to his actions. If you are injured, make sure the dispatcher is aware that you need an ambulance.

Exchange Driver Info

If possible, exchange insurance information with the drunk driver. If the exchange is impossible, take pictures of the vehicle, license plate, and even of him or her. Make sure you ask the police for a copy of the accident report because it will include the information you are not able to get from the other driver.

Contact an Attorney

When dealing with an unknown like a drunk driver, make sure you contact a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer, to help you get compensation for medical injuries, lost work, and a broken vehicle. Your attorney will work with your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, and your doctors. That will allow you to spend time healing with less stress.

Notify Your Insurance

Your insurance company needs to be notified about the accident and a representative will probably want to view the vehicle as soon as possible. When you call, the agent may ask for the police report number, car location, and your injuries. If you have an attorney, he or she may contact the insurance company for you.

Injuries from accidents aren’t fun. Make sure you seek help from a legal team that can assist you in recovering your losses – especially after a car accident with a drunk driver.