IRS tax l awyer in Baltimore, MD

If you have received a tax notification of an audit from the IRS, you may be going in a panic move. And not a frightening situation, but it is not going to do you any favors to could be facing criminal charges, however a IRS tax lawyer in Baltimore, MD, such as the ones available at Crepeau Mourges can help you.

When you receive a tax notification of an audit, you need to respond to it. Do not ignore it. If you are uncertain of how to respond to or reject your IRS tax lawyer in Baltimore, MD, and ask for some direction.

Once you have responded to the inquiry, you need to familiarize yourself with the tax return from the year that the IRS is looking to audit. Your IRS tax lawyer in Baltimore, MD, might be a good person to look through this list, as they can help you pick out any suspicious activity and potentially go through multiple years with you as needed. 

You will need to be able to provide the IRS with a complete look at the year they’re reviewing. It can sometimes be multiple years that they want to review. You should ensure that you have checks, ledgers, registers, and any other documents, such as the financial statements and actual tax returns, among others, that the IRS may need.

Just be on the safe side you should always work with IRS tax lawyers in Baltimore MD, one being audited. An IRS tax lawyer has experience in going to know the laws and had a handle on it. It’s an extremely stressful situation having to defend yourself from the IRS when you are being audited. However, if you follow your lawyer’s advice, you should be just fine.

If the penalties for an office visit are going to average around 170,000 do you want a lawyer who is also going to have some accounting experience as well. You also want to suspend an audit anytime the phrase tax fraud comes up, because then you are looking at criminal penalties and you will need a lawyer, regardless.

You should use your right of appeal and never sign an IRS examination report that you do not agree with or know about in full. If you do not know every single thing outlined in the IRS examination report do not sign it and reach out to an IRS tax lawyer in Baltimore, MD.

Your IRS tax lawyer in Baltimore, MD is going to be able to watch out for signs that they may be looking at criminal investigations and charges. What can be assumed of having to pay the IRS fines and penalties is never a stroll in the park, there is a worse outcome, and that is being handcuffed, charged and thrown in jail for tax evasion or fraud.

One of the first things that auditors are going to look for when looking at you for criminal charges is that there is an undeclared income of any amount. You can go to jail for any amount but the trickle amount for criminal penalties is at least $100,000 which means that the auditor is going to be looking deeper into your finances.