If you have hearing loss and served in the armed forces between 2003 and 2015, combat earplugs manufactured by 3M may be the reason. Any service member whose hearing quality was negatively affected during their time defending our nation may be eligible for compensation. Here is a brief rundown of information on this important matter.

Hearing Damage Allegations

The hearing damage lawsuit against 3M alleged that, as a military contractor, they knowingly sold the United States defective earplugs. Because these earplugs did not meet required safety standards, wearers may have developed a permanent ringing, known as tinnitus, or suffered some form of hearing loss.

The faulty earplugs were half green and half yellow. Their short length means they did not provide adequate protection. Additionally, their defective shape meant they could imperceptibly loosen, thus providing even less safety. Lacking sufficient hearing protection while operating noisy military equipment placed users’ ears in danger.

Hearing Damage Case Outcomes

In July of 2018, the False Claims Act Case brought against 3M was ruled against the manufacturer. As a result, our military received a $9.1 million settlement. Although that money goes directly to the government, military personnel are named beneficiaries. It is the responsibility of military officials to effectively distribute compensation to its deserving members. Naturally, they only award money to those who claim and prove damages.

Personal injury attorneys are skilled at representing those who have been hurt. Having one on your side will maximize the odds of receiving compensation. The funds you might acquire can be applied to relevant expenses such as medical bills or hearing aids. Additional monies may be granted as a form of compensation for pain and suffering.

Hearing Damage Compensation Qualifications

If you or someone you love served in the military, compensation may be possible, regardless of whether you receive disability or other benefits earned because of your service. The only criteria are that you served during the named years, used the faulty product and have experienced some form of hearing-related injury.

Hearing Damage Lawsuits

No matter your situation, consulting with a personal injury attorney makes sense, the reason being that you pay nothing unless your legal representative wins. This form of payment for services, known as contingency, is a great method of financially protecting potential plaintiffs.

Service members with hearing damage are highly encouraged to contact a personal injury lawyer in Rapid City, SD, like from The Law Office of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers, LLP. Discussing the situation with a legal representative familiar with 3M lawsuits is in the best interest of all affected military. No individual who has served our country should have to pay for having patriotically done so.